You have big goals.

Walla Walla University is here to help you achieve them.

At WWU you can chase the goals you set for yourself. You'll probably even chase goals you didn't even know you had, discovering opportunities, making plans, and discerning God’s guidance in your life as you go.

Your classes will train you with the knowledge and skills to pursue your purpose. ASWWU, your student association, will provide real-world opportunities to practice those skills. The Student Development Center will connect you with internships, job search preparation, and our broad network of alumni. Our Christian community of professors and mentors will help guide you through the obstacles, no matter your faith background, so you'll be ready. You'll be prepared and equipped to chase those goals out in the world beyond college.

Build success and find purpose here.

There's a place waiting for you here at Walla Walla University. A place of preparation, discovery, and purpose.


Not only that, you'll love living here.

Walla Walla University is not just your research lab, it’s your outdoor paradise. The Pacific Northwest houses some of the greatest natural wonders of the world. It has also long attracted independent, motivated, and ambitious people like you. The kind of people who launched startups like Boeing, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Zappos... you get the idea. In a clean, green paradise, our students enjoy proximity to both urban and remote adventure landscapes. See what kind of things there are to do near campus when you’re not studying.

All great stories must begin somewhere.

Ours begins where the air is clear and where ideas, energy, and people do life together. Whether you want to start your own podcast, patent your own design, or open your own practice, you’ll find an enthusiastic, diverse community here at Walla Walla University. We're ready to do this thing with you and prepare you for your launch. 


Three students take a selfie while holding ice cream cones in downtown Walla Walla
Photo of hot air balloons in the sky
A student jumps in the snow. He is wearing a yellow jacket.
Photo of students sitting on rocks in nature underneath some trees

So, what does the college experience at WWU look like? 

Expand your thinking.

Collaborate with world-class faculty at a fully-accredited university to expand your thinking and experience life-changing ideas that will inspire you to live the life you imagine. Learn in the context of faith from faculty who will prepare you to speak intelligently from a Christian perspective in a secularized world.

Launch your career.

We provide access to countless opportunities for experiential learning and career development including internships, co-ops, leadership on- and off-campus, community service, and more, giving our graduates a platform to launch into a successful and fulfilling career.

Connect with God.

You’ll find a faith family at WWU where you can grow in your spiritual walk. You’ll experience genuine community and interactions with others who are on a similar Christian journey. Our mission is to magnify the love of Jesus in our hearts, on our campus, and to our world.

Engage in service.

Practicing kindness is part of the culture at WWU. Students at WWU volunteer for organizations such as the Blue Mountain Humane Society, the Christian Aid Center Rescue Mission, and Amnesty International. At WWU, you will find opportunities to use your unique skills and abilities in service to the community around you, both locally and globally. 

Find support.

How you live on campus, where you eat, where you work out, how you spend your free time, is integral to your happiness and success in college. WWU supports you as a whole person through a range of on-campus services designed specifically to help you succeed. From the intramural program, to the fitness center, to free on-campus counseling options, support is at your fingertips. 

And you'll belong to an incredible community like one you've never experienced before.

ASWWU (the Associated Students of Walla Walla University) is the highly active, organized, and vibrant community that works to improve the lives of all WWU students. ASWWU operates 10 departments and is the largest employer of students on campus. Working for ASWWU can help you gain experience and develop skills, such as project management, event planning, and fundraising, that will enhance your resume. You can also stretch and strengthen your leadership skills by running for an ASWWU office or by joining ASWWU Senate, the legislative branch of the student association.

It's affordable, too.

You probably already know that a Walla Walla University Christian education is a great investment, perhaps the most important one you'll ever make. But there’s one thing you may not know: how to make it happen. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the process and help you every step of the way. With God, it's possible. Let us show you how. 

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